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Amanda Dahl

I am the owner of Boost Consulting and offer consulting and contracting services in project management and operations improvement. My 20+ years of industry experience have been in geoscience/mining, project and program management, business development, leadership, strategy, and facilitation throughout multiple industries.

I’ve held roles as a geologist, senior analyst, senior project manager, corporate performance manager, facilitator, and Board director. These varied experiences have allowed me to lead and support successful projects and improved operations.

I have certifications in Project Management Professional (PMP), Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP), Lean Greenbelt, Six Sigma Blackbelt, and Change Management Specialist. I have volunteered as the Director, Outreach for the Project Management Institute - North Saskatchewan Chapter and currently volunteer on the Women in Mining Women in Nuclear (WIMWiN) SK Mentorship Committee.

I listen and clarify to truly understand and provide flexible approaches to meet your needs. I am people-focused and results-oriented which are critical competencies for successful projects and operations. 


What Clients Say

After a science -based career spanning over forty-years, I thought my understanding was fairly good, albeit possibly biased, as to the philosophy and methodology of Project Management. In hindsight, I can’t help but to think of that comical adage, ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ and how my biased understanding was largely based on uninformed opinions, misconceptions and myths as to what project management practices entailed. In the introductory workshop session, Amanda quickly and convincingly dispelled my misconceptions, or misconstructions, underpinning Program Management practices.

Amanda’s passion and expertise for the subject material was particularly contagious, and I found myself becoming an enthusiast to the new learnings that she was introducing to the participants. By the end of the second session, I was lamenting how this new and very applicable knowledge was coming rather late in my career and that I wished I had been exposed to the principals and methods much earlier. This personal revelation is a credit to Amanda’s ability to break down and communicate the complexity of the material into an understandable and meaningful format. Amanda has that unique teaching ability to convey new concepts in a manner which makes it easy to transfer the applicability to one’s own background and experience.

I would strongly recommend this Project Management training workshop offered by Boost Consulting to any professional, whether early in their career or already well established, as well as companies or organizations looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their program and project initiatives.

David Thomas, Professional Geoscientist (APEGS)
Consultant Geologist

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