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Helping you to improve your projects and operations to elevate your business.

Project Management

Supporting the learning and implementation of project management to increase your project success.

  • Designing, teaching, and facilitating customized project management courses (including the Project Management Professional PMP® Exam Prep Course) that also focus on people, change management, and business environment.

  • Supporting the implementation of project management structures, processes, and tools to fit the needs of your business, regardless of project type, business size, and/or industry. 

  • Providing flexible approaches and tools/templates to facilitate success. 

  • Designing and setting up projects and/or executing short-term contract project management.

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Operations Improvement

Facilitating improvement of operational processes for incremental, achievable success. 

  • Designing, teaching, and facilitating customized operational excellence courses 

  • Helping you get your ‘house in order’ through process improvement to increase efficiency, grow, or make change.

  • Working with you to define and identify solutions for operational frustrations, bottlenecks, barriers, and issues using root cause, problem solving, and change management.

  • Supporting you with ‘sustaining the gains’ for near- and long-term successes.


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Project & Program Management 

P & P Def

What Is A Business Project Or Program?

Business projects and programs are intended to achieve defined business objectives and are aligned with a company’s business strategy.

1. Strategic business projects are focused on achieving a high-level business strategy.

2. Operational business projects meet a business objective within its operations and results in a unique deliverable (not part of ongoing operational activities).

What Is The Difference Between Project & Program Management?



It creates a deliverable as efficiently as possible; a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique project, service, or result.



A group of related projects managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits not available from managing the projects individually. 

P & P M

Operations Improvement

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